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Understanding Neighbouring Rights

Revenue is generated for record labels and performers when their recordings or performances are publicly broadcast on radio or TV, played in public venues, and through the sale of media storage devices such as smartphones and hard drives.

Collecting royalties involves dealing with various collecting societies across the world. Each society has its own procedures, currencies, and languages, requiring different pieces of data from you to ensure proper collection.

Rights'Up simplifies this complex process. We handle all these specificities, ensuring that you collect all your revenues accurately and efficiently.

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The Ultimate Solution for Music Rights Collection

The Rights'Up Online Tool provides a comprehensive solution for managing neighbouring rights. Our team of experts, combined with state-of-the-art software, allows you to monitor and track all your royalties with complete transparency.
By leveraging direct relationships with collecting societies worldwide, we ensure your royalties are protected and accurately claimed. Rights'Up is dedicated to securing what is rightfully yours, no matter where in the world your royalties are generated.

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Our advanced technology is meticulously designed to meet the requirements of every collecting society. By addressing the complexities of neighbouring rights, we ensure you benefit from:

  1. Increased revenues
    from around the world
  2. Retroactive
  3. Easy
    conflicts resolution
  4. Reduced
    collection times
  5. Online detailed
    revenue information

We do neighbouring rights, simple as.

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"I am really happy. Best service ever and amazing tool. Don't know anything comparable"
Jan Simon - Exploited

"User-friendly, efficient, available and… getting results! Everything you're looking for collecting and tracking your neighbouring rights worldwide"
Cécile Bernier - Une Musique (TF1 Group)

"We are happy to find a strong and established partner in Rights'Up for this important step in expanding our rights management services"
Oke Göttlich - Finetunes / Roykit

"Rights'Up is a reliable company. Their system and their team are great to work with. Rights'Up found considerable income in places we previously never looked at."
Arny Bink - Black Hole Recordings